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Full Portrait Session



Full BPhoto Portrait sessions can last 2 hours or more, depending on the number of people, wardrobe variations and styling requests. We take the time to get it right and watch all the details! Your booking will include a complete pre-photoshoot consultation to establish the wardrobe and styling concepts. 

Shoots with multiple people may require a staggered start time. If children are joining the fun, we may have them arrive later in the schedule. (For example, mom gets hair and makeup and shoots two wardrobe variations before kids arrive for group shots.)


Wardrobe is an essential part of our pre-photoshoot consultation. We will talk about your needs and guide you to best outfits to create a timeless portrait. We often we see garments that detract from the subject and can quickly date the images. Careful wardrobe selection can provide a range of looks from business to casual, and from playful to elegant. And if you have something special you want to be photographed in, let's talk about that that, too. Wardrobe is part of the fun!

Hair and Makeup

Clients should arrive clean-faced and freshly moisturized. Our hair and makeup artist will review makeup choices with visual examples so you can communicate clearly how you want to be represented.  From natural to dramatic, you decide! Our makeup artists are trained to bring out your best while considering our professional studio photography techniques. A stylist will remain on set during your session to make adjustments when needed or make styling changes (like and up-do with a wardrobe change) if requested.


Most people don't have experience "working it" in front of a camera! But don't worry, we will guide you through posing and set-up - and we'll pay attention to all the details. You won't need to fret about a crooked collar or how fabric drapes. All you need to do is get a good night's rest. Our goal is to show you the best pictures you have ever seen of yourself!

Plan to go out and do something fun after your portrait session. Make a date with someone special, meetup with friends for happy hour, you name it. You will look fabulous so enjoy it!

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